Label Machines Help Make First Impressions Count

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Giving a great first impression can be tricky. When running a business, it’s a constant consideration which can get overlooked.

The way you dress, your time keeping, and even your handshake will all contribute to a first impression.

Presenting your documents and stationery in a professional way will help your business achieve the recognition it deserves from the outset. The latest labelling machines are super efficient at creating professional address labels and signage.


Follow these tips to help make a great first impression:

  • Use a label printer to create address labelsfor envelopes. This will ensure that when your quote/letter to attract potential clients/marketing materials arrive in the office of your client, they will look professional, giving a strong first impression.

    Brother QL700 QR Code

  • Think about adding a QR code to products or marketing materials, as another link between a customer and your business. With the smart phone market growing exponentially, QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate and can be easily added to products using a label printer.
  • If you often have clients visiting your office, make sure that it looks tidy and organised. Make sure filing is kept up to date and desks are kept clear of rubbish and dirty crockery. Labels can be used to add a professional touch to drawers and files; making sure that your office gives a great impression to visitors.

QL700Choose a labeller with an auto cutter, like the Brother QL-700, which makes it quicker to print labels. As well as being 30% faster than competitors’ machines, the Brother QL-700 has a plug and print feature and is also compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

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