Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D Printer

Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D Printer
  • Key Features
  • A 250mm wide print bed allowing large scale models and multiple models to be printed
  • multi-colour 3D printing
  • auto bed-levelling
  • easily adjust print speeds
  • inbuilt camera included that is accessed via a simple smartphone app
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RRP £1,082.50

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use desktop 3D printer that has been designed to enable anybody to get involved with 3D printing, even with little or no prior 3D experience. For those who are excited about getting involved in this new technology, the Polaroid ModelSmart 250S is a great way to start. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in and press print. It really is that simple.

The easy-to-use Polaroid Prep software allows you to download and import models (with thousands of pre-existing designs already available for free), and print them with just two clicks of a button. For those more advanced users there are a small but comprehensive number of additional settings that allow you to make changes to the way your model prints if you choose to.

With 3D design and modelling now being taught in schools, having the ability to print out physical 3D objects is becoming ever-more important, enabling students to test their model’s robustness, functionality and ergonomics by seeing their designs come alive. Its closed-unit design means that the ModelSmart 250S is perfect for any school environment as it is operated without fear of students being exposed to heated or moving parts.

The ModelSmart 250S is fitted with a Wi-Fi camera. This is accessed via a smartphone app. You can then monitor your prints remotely from anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S includes an auto calibration and auto bed-levelling process, negating the need for any manual adjustments prior to print and automatically calibrates the print bed before every print. No need for manual adjustments.

A large build area of 250(w) x 150(h) x 150(d)mm allows for large scale models or multiple models to be printed at the same time. Vertical resolution (or layer height) ranges from 50 to 350 micron; that is 0.05mm to 0.35mm per layer! with print speed ranges from 20mm/s to 100mm/s.

The Polaroid Prep 3D printing software is your platform for effortlessly preparing, editing and printing your models. Import and edit .stl files (with thousands of pre-existing designs already available for free) and then it is as simple as 2 clicks to print! You can check your filament levels at any time while your printer is connected to your PC via the patented Helpful Printer Driver® solution within Polaroid Prep. This will show you how much filament remains in your cartridge and it will also alert you when you are running close to the end. There is also a convenient buy-now button which allows you to re-order from the comfort of your own home.

Although the Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer has only one extruder, you can easily print models in multiple colours.
By selecting Multi Colour in Polaroid Prep you can pre-set points on your model for the printer to automatically pause to allow you to change your filament to another colour. Opening the door during printing will also pause the printer to allow you to change your cartridge.

When saving your file, the software then tells you exactly how long your print will take and how much material it will require. The smartchip on the cartridge will then tell you if there is sufficient remaining to print the model you are trying to print. This means you will never run out of filament half way through printing a model!

Z-Axis sheets are a revolutionary transparent double-sided adhesive material that is applied to the print bed before each print. This ensures robust model adhesion during print and then easy model removal post-print. Easily applied and removed via the detachable print bed, it also ensures the print bed remains clean after every print allowing for a smooth and hassle-free printing experience.

Warranty: 12 months warranty. Contact your dealer for further information

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